Sunday, May 14, 2006

Design trends according to Google.

Found an interesting thing with google trends.

I did a search for 'Design' and the India topped the results by region.

Also for a search on 'Advertising' India came second, next to South Africa.

The reason I choose advertising after design was because, in India, design is given importance in the ad sector in its concrete form. Apart from ads, the term 'design' applies to fasion design, graphic design and other types of design.
In fashion design, India is next to Pakistan. I could see from the trends that are moving fast around here, design is growing big. Earlier we had our special forms of visual arts, and they were given great importance. Now, design, in its many forms is gaining a special place in the daily lives of Indians.

Hope this change is for the better. :)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

More and more blogs....

...But no posts, no updates, nothing to read.

Hello brothers hello sisters,
Here is....

...Just another blog.

This had been a passion for me after I was introduced to the world of blogs. Create more and more blogs... Post some articles often, after a few posts and no comments, forget about it. Create another one. Its fun, nah? What do you think?

The process is actually complex than you think it is. It goes like this, in my case.

Step 1. Go on a journey, take a local bus or sitting behind your pals bike on a long ride. [One of my greatest passions in life is this thing, daydreaming while travelling. Thats why I love buses compared to trains ;)]

Step 2. Start thinking about the blogs that you read regularly.

Step 3. Ask yourself this million dollar question [ha ha...] "Why cant I create one superblog? [Now, the term 'superblog', which stands for a good blog, with regular and rich posts with a lot of readers, is contributed by me to the entire netizens, I will soon apply for a copyright]

Step 4. Now think about what am I going to create this blog? Now more questions pops up in your mind, dont worry, you dont have to answer all of them ;)
Incase you really really want a good blog, you have to answer a lot of questions, like 'For whom should I write, ie, who all will be my readers?
'Do I have something new, or certain wonderful insights to offer?'
'Am I proficient in the subject I have chosen/Will my rantings appeal the mass?'
I for one believes that readers make a blog a success. If you fill up pages with a lot of stuff and no one is there to read and comment, it will be a waste of time and energy. And thats the sole reason I go on creating new blogs everytime one fails. :D

Step 5. Now things are clear, you come home, sit in front of computer, choose a place to start a blog-my preferred locations are blogger and wordpress-write the first post, just like I am doing now, finish it, go to sleep, satisfied or shift to some other work, fuelled and happy.

PS: The next week, dont forget to repeat this cycle.

Phew! I am tired, I hate typing.
So the idea for this blog caught me when I was heading for a frnds party. It is clear- note down whats happening around in terms of design. Bring it to your attention. Thats enough.

For now, This is enogh I think. So catch you guys later, gnite.